One who hails from a council estate. Can be spotted in the wild by their traditional garb of baseball cap, tracksuit and Reebok Classics, and their native mating call of "C'mon man, jus 'gis a fag c'mon man just wan, fuckinnnnnnnnnn' just wan fag man, c'mon ya tight cunt, fuckinnnnnnnn'".

A common rodent in Scotland and Northern England.
"You and yer wee schemie rodents can fuck off back tae Leith. And take them bottles of Bucky wit ya tae"
by influx August 26, 2002
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Denizen of a council housing estate or housing "scheme", hence use of the vernacular, "schemie". Commonly found in the East Coast of Scotland and can be viewed as an appropriate equilevlant to the West Coast "ned". Prone to wearing tasteless branded clothing in excruciatingly bright colours - classically white. Frequently used namebrands inc. Henry Lloyd, Nike, Reebok, Nickelson, Tommi Hilfigger, Adidas and Ralph Lauren. The common schemie will, in most cases, also have a malign addiction to Burberry caps in particular. Said caps are normally placed upon the individuals head at a 45-90 agle allowing breathtaking views of the common schemie`s equally breathtaking lack of respect for conventionally attractive hairstyles. As an alternative to the established norms of appealling hairdos, schemies revel in the daily act of gelling their front fringe into a cement strong array of spikes that descend onto the top of their forehead. Furthermore, chunky and lurid gold jewellry is brazenly displayed at every opportunity in desperate attempt to appeal to the, equally luridly addorned, opposite sex (NB When observing the female schemie you may confirm your sighting as authentic by the prescence of gold hooped rings ranging anywhere from a 3 inch to a 3 foot diameter). It must be duly noted that it is highly likely that all of the clothing or jewellery worn by a shemie is of a counterfeit nature - the dole only stretches so far.
The overly generous UK social security system is the backbone of this curious species and without it they would surely perish.
Finally, the common schemie may be easily identified by his passion for consuming vile cheap liqour such as Buckfast Tonic Wine, Tennets Super T lager or Diamond White high-strength cider and/or numerous varities of illegal narcotics. This behaviour may occur at any time onwards from approxiamtely 8 am and generally ceases upon total intoxication and collapse or arrest by the local constabulary. During such time, schemies will, in general, become even more malevonant tomwards innocent members of the public than normal and it is advisable to avoid contact with them if at all possible. However if interaction is inevitable then it is in your best interests to stand your ground and throw the first punch. This is due to the fact that deep down, all schemies are in fact chickenshit little motherfuckers who will flee from an unafraid opponent and seek out weaker propositions instead (such as OAPs or school children). Beware: The schemie population is expanding at a worrying rate due to a lack of education, contraception, intelligence and a sense of social resposibility. This situation is also further exacerbated by a reliance on social security that encourages their proliferation. Shoot on sight.
Are yous cunts lookin at me? I`ll fucking dae yous wee bastards! Am pure mental so a am.
by David Keddie January 28, 2004
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(v) to have a plan that involves a lot of scheming or creeping
Friend 1: I have a plan

Friend 2: oh god...

Friend 1: what's that supposed to mean?

Friend 2: your plans are always so creep. We're talking very high level scheminess!
by gucciballinhard January 8, 2010
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a scottish term, the term used for those brought up in housing schemes in Edinburgh, similar to the definition for neds.
whit u lookin at ya bam, i'll burst u
by sarah October 26, 2003
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An adolescent hooligan who has been born and raised on a council estate (hence schemie) either male or female, noted for wearing white shell suits, fake bling and having their trackie bottoms tucked into their socks
by Will Innes December 21, 2005
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A troglodite that causes deep offence by just being alive that usually live sin a run down council housing estate, takes vast amounts of ecstacy and whos idea of fun is stabbing/beating up the young middle clases
Davey got jumped and battered by a f***ing schemie again last night
by xzenomorph January 28, 2005
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1. describes low quality street narcotics, typically marijuana
2. perilous, untrustworthy
Don't buy from Pedro, his bags are schemy.
Don't go to Pedro's house, that place is schemy.
by Jed Carpet August 26, 2009
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