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A person who is against a bible and refuses to support a person in their bible intrest.
I wanted a bible for my birthday but she refused, she is a bibleist.
by sarah June 14, 2006
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Blond bitch with NO TALENT WHATSOEVER. Very, very overrated. Doesn't even write her own friggin' songs. Can't sing. Sounds like a nasal Lindsay Lohan. Can't act either. (does lots of sighing). Somewhat chubby. Big slut. (she stole Joel) Fug as hell. Resembles a blond toad. Song lyrics are very cheap and shallow. (eg. 'my blond hair is everywhere!')
Fan base consists of arsey under-thirteen girls.
by sarah February 21, 2005
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Hilary Duff is a fat bitch who is a complete slut. Have you seen her with condoms in her purse? I don't wanna know who's doing her, but I just hope they don't get fat girl rabies.She's 145 pounds of bad singing. BAD SINGING. Like, my ears bleed. agghhhhh!!!!
little girl: mommy, can you buy me one of these? (looking at condoms)
mom: You've been watching too much Lizzie McGuire.
by sarah February 19, 2005
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what someone does / what they are doing
are we gona jib up to joshs house?
by sarah March 17, 2005
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a girl who expects a lot.
most Sarahs are high maintenance
by sarah June 27, 2004
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Sometimes means "after party", but it usually means a more mellow gathering of friends rather than a rowdy party. Basically, it's whatever you're doing after the bars close.

Usually not referred to in the past or present because it sounds pretentious -- only in the future tense.
1) "Do you know of any after hours?"
2) "What are you doing after hours?"
3) "There's supposed to be an after hours at Moe's pad.

Incorrect: "We had a really good after hours last night." or "This after hours sucks."
by sarah April 12, 2004
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to screw/have sex with
used when someone is extreamly pised off!!
stop carping with me before i kill you!
by sarah September 11, 2003
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