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a lesser breed of human known as an accident lawyer. to be found in accident and emergency departments and on daytime tv.
"have you been injured in the past three years?....not your fault? call the ambulance chasers and we will miraculously get you lots of money and not charge you." hmmmmmmmm
by sarah September 20, 2003
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(at the end of a card)

AML, sarah xxx
by sarah June 5, 2004
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when your ankle is stuck in your shoe
Gosh darnit, i got an ankashula, better get the butter.
by sarah September 20, 2003
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Centered around humans.
'Anthro' is a prefix meaning 'man'.
If I am only thinking of myself, I am egocentric. If humans are only thinking of humankind (and not other species or of the environment around them) they are anthropocentric.
by sarah December 9, 2004
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A character on the television show 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. She was engaged to Xander Harris, but he left her at the alter. She used to be a vengeance demon and went by the name of 'Anyanka', but once she fell in love with Xander she decided to become human. She is also very blunt and takes things literally because she is not accustomed to normal human behavior. She is TERRIFIED of bunnies, but freaky, slimy monsters do not faze her.
"Noooo!!!!! Evil Evil Bunnies!!! Stay Away!!!" screamed Anya.
by sarah August 2, 2004
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i could of sat there sucking his man pole all nite long
by sarah November 24, 2003
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Gay monkey that sits in the zoo cage, shows you its dick and then jacks of to your kidz standin at the window staring at them.
Q: Mummy, what's that monkey doing?
A: Never mind. Now Tonianne get away from that window and lets go to the lion cage now.
by sarah April 1, 2004
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