A cheap, strong cider that tastes of vomit, drunk solely by underage charvers who either have a mate with them who looks over the age of 18 (with maybe some dodgy fake ID) or can somehow manage to convince an adult to go into an off-licence or corner shop to buy it for them. May also be consumed by tramps, plonkies, alkies and other assorted soap dodgers who want to get drunk and simply cannot be arsed about the taste as long as it doesn't take up too much dole money. See also Lambrini, MD 20/20, Vodkat
Charver: "Here how, gan to the shop and get us a bottle o' Diamond White how, 's aanly like a pund a litre!"
by GeoNeil May 18, 2007
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The Leader of The Great Diamond Authority and coloniser of Homeworld.
She is a villain from the CN show Steven Universe.
She is thought to be the most powerful gem alive and the most mysterious.
She makes her long awaited debut in 'Legs from here to Homeworld'
She 'shines bright like a diamond'
Bob: What's that massive white star?
Mark: That's not a star that's white diamond!
by QWEDCVBHNMKIUYHGFDEW"£$%^&* September 12, 2018
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Leader of the Great Diamond Authority, first one without a giraffe neck, but a lightbulb as head instead.
White Diamond you bright af man
by Skillotrix July 28, 2018
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A slang term of endearment used by a black person to describe a white child who was positively influenced by their interaction...historical relationship.

The relationship may be from a black caregiver, teacher, or simply by a white child who spent a great amount of time with a black mentor.

Origin comes from black graphite being turned into a diamond under great pressure...in this case heavy influence on the child's life.
"Bobby is a white diamond!"

"Ruby loved that white diamond!"
"Bobby loved Ruby; he was her white diamond"
by whitediamondchild February 7, 2013
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A Mix of cocaine and viagra ....

An equal amount of viagra crushed and then siffted into high quality cocaine

Scientific Name (benzoylmethylecgonine-sildenafil citrate)

This substance is usually snorted but can be smoked.

White-Diamond is a favorite among male hookers.... it allows them to stay wide awake all night and they never have to worry about going limp.
Todd just did three lines of white-diamond his dick is gunna be really hard... yea and his face is gunna be numb

I just had some white-diamond ... I have jerked of 3 times, fixed myself a sandwhich and did 400 situps in the last 15 min

The Gigalo in the room down the hall has fucked like 18 women this evening ... he must be on White-Diamond
by Danglefest 2010 June 5, 2010
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this is when a porr man cum shots a rich person and covers their diamonds in sperm.
Poor guy: hey bitch come here
Rich Bich: OK?
Poor guy: boom! hahaha
Rich Bich: Oh No! my diamonds are soaked.
Poor guy: thats what i call a White diamond soaker
by Poor Dude inlovewitporn April 22, 2011
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