Handsome lad who's scared of girls.
Tommi <3
by i got fire November 23, 2011
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An amazing and talented young lady who brings sparkle and light to everything she does an everyone that she meets. She is very good at all artistic and creative aspects, but tends to be a loner.
Alice: Have you seen Tommi?
Stacy: No, but she's probably reading a book in her room or drawing in the art room.
by Princess____ February 7, 2014
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super great hella feminist girl who loves led zeppelin. is an amazing singer and musician.
she's so talented, her name must be tommi
by skunkeyfan November 29, 2016
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An amazing unique carefree girl. Typically has a large family and cares about each and every one of them more than she cares about herself. She enjoys taking photos and even playing soccer. Although she would prefer taking a nap she is motivated when she needs to be. Tommi is the type of girl that every guy dreams about tall, skinny and one of a kind. She may even have some habits that others find different. In the end Tommi is an amazing girl that likes to live life and have fun.
Taylor: "Tommi did you see all the guys staring at you?"
Tommi: "What are you talking about?"
by concrete101 May 13, 2019
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completely and utterly discombobulated following excessive alcohol consumption, may be combined with crawling on the floor, barfing in your bed, or stealing stuff for no good reason
Man he was so tommied that he puked in the bushes!
by Easy Street April 25, 2005
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