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the sexiest guy on earth. sweet, loving, caring individual. great in bed. especially with a hat on. davey's light up the room when he walks in. everybody loves him. is extremely smart. especially good at math. all the girls want this guy but his heart only belongs to one girl. is very shy at first but when he warms up he is amazing. can come up with the most adorable things to say to woo a girl. he knows he's good at it but always denies it.
girl #1: danggg that boy is so sexy! and he's so funny!

girl #2: I know right.. that's my davey.
by laurencroft23 February 04, 2010
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A slightly handsome Jewish boy who enjoys hot sauce and chicken and hates people who practice their golf swings in public.
Person 1: Hey, that guy is a Davey, I think I'm in love with him.
Person 2: Yeah, that's a pretty normal reaction.
by Satchmo Turpentine April 08, 2008
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An amazing girl that has a spunky personality and does what she wants. She has no rules and if you dare to give them to her she wont follow them. She is an extreme hot head but is cute when she does throw her fits. She may not be too filled out but if beautiful looks could kill youd be dead!(: She is soooo Bootylicious. I could tap that. She is hot and that sums it up.
" I could tap that davey!!"

"isnt davey a guy?"

" HELL NO! She is the prettiest girl you will ever see! LOOK!"

"Oh damn she is fine. I wish i could taqp davey!"
by MLW&BLT April 05, 2012
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Nickname for the worlds most awesome gay who lives in the worlds most awesome town of Yeppoon.
"Have a rainbow Davey"
by ILoveYouDavey April 18, 2008
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Someone who is abit backwards can also be know as a dapper or a todger, usually has some sort of significant learning difficulties.
Appearances are usually - a smart side parting, thick glasses, and more often than not, a budget pair of trainers with the shoelaces overtightened, to the point where the lace holes almost meet. Davey dapper!!!
When beckoned, a run-of-the-mill davey will almost certainly stick their tongue into the inner part of the lower lip,and have the facial expression of someone who has just woken up and then looks upto the sky and then behind, everywhere except where the beckoner is calling for Davey!
Look at Davey over there, if his shoes were any tighter, he could get a blood clot and his feet fall off! Oi Davey..................eerrrr?
by twixknob January 27, 2007
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