piss poor and without a hope in the world, these subterranean creatures of the night are usually unsightly and unkempt, always looking for cheap poon, and can't speak in an intelligible manner.
get wawy from me, troglodite!
by so sayeth the lexicon October 03, 2003
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This is the fat ass full of fat butt dents that walks around the public pools in a thong making everyone in her path want to throw up.
Check out that trogladite over there in that disgusting silver thong!
by Ed Bodine March 22, 2004
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Troglodite: The exact opposite of attractive in humans. Usually, extremely ugly men, (& occasionally women-or, whatever could be considered genitally of such a gender-male/female, anyone that dares to find out for sure) that troll/stalk free dating, & other social websites, in search of an attractive mate that they'd never have an ice cube's chance in Hell with. Some rare instances have proven that even physically attractive types can become these subhuman creatures after consuming too much alcohol, &/or drugs, or just happen to have a really horrid attitude. (See 'douchebag'.)
Go to any free dating site & scroll through photo profiles to see troglodites, or ask your friends what kinds of messages they've been receiving from strangers on facebook. You'll figure it out in less than 3 seconds, usually.
by Midwest Batz July 31, 2013
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A Troglodite is a large creature composed entirely of jam. They once tried to take over the universe and absorbed many innocent people, turning them into Troglodites. A troglodite fears nothing other than a hot cup of tea.
The Troglodite moved toward Sebastian, and shut his quivering lips with a bullet of jam.
by Ryan Fawcett July 19, 2006
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