short and slang way of saying With you
person 1: then he was like dammmnnn take it ez ma boi i’m wit ya
person 2: i got yo back bro i’m wit ya
by May 2, 2018
Slang phrase for pulling someones leg
"YO dawg, i just met 50, yo"
"Fa Sho bro"
"Nah, homie i be toyin wit ya cuff"
"Awwwww, dawg, good one"
by S-n-C Diddy February 18, 2004
aight ima duck wit ta means when your cool with somebody and you’re telling them bye Oriya see you later
Tyshawn: I got to go to class bro
Markes: Aight ima fuck wit ya
by sHaInA PoOh October 21, 2019
aight ima fuck wit ya Means that you’re cool with somebody or you want to be friends with someone.
Hey I got the homework if you want to copy off of it.

Aight ima fuck wit ya
by Dasss. t October 3, 2019
Im with you when you're right means to be in agreeance with another individuals statement about a particular topic.
Beyonce: Its tough dealing with fame and being in the public eye. Megan Thee Stallion: I'm with you when ya right
I'm wit' you when ya right means she is agreeing with beyonces statement.
by Step D. June 9, 2021
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by Real nigga Z December 9, 2022
Fawking wit ya is a term used by retarded English men to explain that they were just jolking with one of their mates.
Ex: "Oi you there, yeah the pig fucker in the back. You's a cunt licker. Just fawking wit ya."
by Knee-Grow united June 4, 2018