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A small area in Edinburgh, Scotland
Often known for it's trouble, and constant police call outs.
The chav underworld of Edinburgh, where you could be bottled on any corner, or washing machined at any height.
This is gorilla territory most people try to avoid it on bus routes, and driving through it.
Jim: You headin' tae muirhouse?
Sam: Nah it cuts through Leith, fuck that!

Emily:Where yae fae?
Liam: Leith
Emily: Oh shi- sorry big man
by IchLiebeSarah August 06, 2009
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a highschool-aged kid who likes nothing better than drinking wine, playing world of warcraft, and just bro-ing out.
dude, we should get together and leith sometime this week. i can grab the open bottle of pinot noir!
by rick.astley August 04, 2008
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When you ejaculate a particularly large quantity of semen.
God damn son, I was on dat ho and she musta been doin a good job cuz I done leith'd. Shit was all over ho stomach and shit.

Aw Fuck, it smell like somebody done leith'd in here!
by Rik Astley August 11, 2008
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