"so" but in australian
"i am saur tired"
by ayuu1 June 19, 2021
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A combination of the most compadible creatures in this known universe. The Ninja-saur is commonly found in Mathews, Virginia, and only one exist. The ninja-saur is also the bond of a ninja and a dinosaur. A strong bond that's unbreakable, and also known as "comor".
subdefinition - Comor- love limited to friendship
The two ninja-saurs, Abbie and Noah, comor eachother.
by Ninja-Nobi February 12, 2010
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Someone who is such a jerk that they deserve a larger version of the name.
Give me the remote back, you jerk-a-saur!
by gdub205 October 19, 2006
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A very sweet, cute, loving Dino.

She is a cutie-pie.

She enjoys sitting at her computer, Making dinosaur noises, talking to her boyfriend; And ignoring him too. And long naps in her bed.

Beware of this type of Dino. If you catch it in a grumpy mood, you might lose your head.

And it might not be the head you're thinking of. ^.~

^The call of the Celine-a-saur.
by BMoD January 15, 2005
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A dial-a-saur is the same as a dial-a-bride (or a mail order bride) only much older. It is a rare and endangered species whose buyers are usually risk takers and mentally retarded in some way.
"She is a little older than I imagined she would be given how much she cost you, somewhat of a dial-a-saur!"
by Abzloot June 4, 2009
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An edgy 13 year old white kid who found out he's 1/16 German on Ancestry.com. As a result of this, he becomes a total Nazi and basically the German version of a weeaboo.
Man, Jacob was a pretty cool guy, but he's been a total saur kraut since he tried out Ancestry.com.
by TheCascadian September 11, 2016
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