An expression for when someone gets what they deserve. A shorter way of saying “They got what they deserved” or “They deserved that”.
Person 1: I contracted an STD from sleeping around

Person 2: HAHAHA deserve!
by snailcucumber August 24, 2019
1 (800) Call-Turk.

Ask for Donald. He has the answer.
"That is deservant!" Donald Faison said. "It's Latin."
by unrealgecko11 August 20, 2020
worthy of being treated in a particular way, typically of being given assistance.
If anyone is deserving it's me
by Thispagewasmadeforme September 4, 2020
Noun: Something that you had coming. Something that was deserved. The noun form of deserve.
'Why did you fart on me?'
'It was your deserval'
by Sabin Figaro May 11, 2008
Like a right, but you've earned it. A just reward.
Why should I give you the day off?

Hey man, I wrote 2000 lines of code yesterday. A day off, that's my deservation.
by bodeswell September 23, 2010
to be worthy of, esteem or something of value
spoiled teen on MTV: " Oh, my sweet sixteen cost more than my parents wedding, but I deserved it!!"
by Noah1986 December 8, 2007
a) what one deserves

b) what one is worthy of deserving
1) He died a slow death of leprosy which was nothing less than his deservement
2) Batman is Gotham's need, not Gotham's deservement
by analystthetherapist October 8, 2011