Abbie tends to surround herself with people that usually hurt her but she keeps positive she's bubbly,lovely,sweet,very intellectual although she tries to hide it and totally bonkers but you couldn't possibly let her go she's brunette and pretty usually players think there playing her or think she's in love with them but it's usually the other way around you'll be in love with her and you won't even know it,if you have her don't let her go or you'll soon regret it as abbie has a very icy side you want to avoid her well she can be the ice queen.Usually prefers blondes but doesn't mind the browns and the odd ginger,can be very athletic and sporty but loves a good sit down in front of the telly and a plate full of food,don't hurt an abbie as they are so delicate as much as they try to hide it,she's very loyal and cares deeply for her friends and family and is very protective if you're in a relationship with abbie she's very passionate and adventurous so don't let her go
"Wow abbie is a great kisser"
by urbandictionarrotor May 26, 2014
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A dedicated and pretty girl but when she is bored she searches her name on urban dictionary
Who doesn't love Abbie
by Thisperson98765 June 25, 2014
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Abbie's are the best people you can ever find they are the best funniest prettiest peoples will meet she don't care what people think she walks right through haters Abbie's have great personalities and never let anyone down find a abbie and don't let her go
Abbie is a great person she's awesome
by Layckat May 31, 2017
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Abbie is a kind hearted wonderful girl. She can be a smart girl if she really tries. She can we very feisty. But really quite. She can be a very outgoing Person, if you really get to know her. She has many small groups of friends because she fits into many different categories as a person. She is usually the head of each of those groups because no one has a problem with her in that group. She always gives great advice about anything. She is also a great person to talk to. She doesn't really have that much self esteem when it comes to herself. There isn't any guys lining up for her.
Do you know an Abbie if so comment or like?
by - a girl that knows December 5, 2018
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Abbie really hot girl who is very sexy, when you meet abbie you will instantly fall for her. Abbie is the sweetest person You will ever meet. when you find an Abbie do not let her go. Abbie usually has luscious brown hair and bright eyes. She is known to be a caring friend and loved by many, she can be extremely bubbly most of the time but everyone loves her that way. Guys jaws drop when abbie walks by, she's like a goddess. God how everyone wishes to be her, girls want to be her and guys want her. However she can get a little annoying, but nobody really minds. she is a really brilliant friend and can be sensitive when it comes to friendships and relationships. Abbies' are mainly class jokers and get along with everyone! Overall abbie is a hawt lady ;) .
by Thatboy2015 March 30, 2015
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Abbie is a young and pretty intelligent lady all her friend think she is the best and are jealous of her
This party is lame let's invite abbie
by Justsaying_x December 2, 2014
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Abbie is hott. she is a skinny nice girl who get what she wants! all the guys want Abbie. people are mean to her because thay want to be her. abbie is attracted to tall guys that play basketball and can play an instrument. most of the time this guy is a family friend. abbie has a strong faith for god and doesnt care what people think. Some people think abbie is a overacheiver . abbie is not afraid to be herself and always fits in abbie can be bubbly at times but people deal with it cuz she is so gorgeouse we all love abbie <3
by that nice guy July 7, 2009
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