One thing you can't buy.
Barry Geller: Well, he may be rather affluent, but there's one thing, to be bought, cannot he do such that thing be done.

Josh Gibson the third: Oh yeah? What's that.

Barry Geller: A dinosaur.

Winston Manillow: Ah, very good sir.
by Atticus Pinch July 20, 2012
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The religion of all religions. It was created by two special* girls who are not fooled by the age old "God" theory and prefer to believe in something that has actually existed. When in times of moral indecision stop and ask yourself, "What would dinosaurs do?" (W.W.D.D) T-Rex is of course large and in charge. When praying to him you must always make your hands into T-rex claws. Accept dinosaurs as your lord and savior and everything in life will fall into place. Or not.

I knew these two girls that practice Dinosaurism and they're the mother flippin!
by brontawhoreus July 21, 2008
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The greatest, most diverse and successful class of land vertibrates ever, believed to have originated sometime in the Triassic about 240 million years ago, and disappearing around 65 million years ago. Gods among animals, and awesome testaments to the power of creation (or evolution, if your must insist that these words be mutually exclusive) they were physiologically superior to mammals and gave rise to birds.

Often our society shows a disinterest with the phenomena of the dinosauria, approaching paleontology with a "they're dead, who cares" attitude. They are also ridiculed for having "died out" when they in fact persisted a period of something like 160 million years--more than 40 times longer than the time elapsed since the earliest human anscestors appeared. Even the word "dinosaur" has a deprecative connotation, implying something that is outdated or obsolete.

Stop for a moment to consider that these animals did, in fact exist, and are not the chimeras of children. This writer would maintain, however, that anyone holding the view that an interest in dinosaurs is nerdy and childish deserves to have his or head bitten off by a Charcharodontosaurus.
Lots of kids my age got hooked on dinosaurs for a while--it was a childhood disease, like mumps or chicken pox, and if left alone, most kids recovered and then had a lifetime immunity to dinosaurmania. But I was that rare exception, a terminal, chronic case.-- Robert T. Bakker, "The Dinosaur Heresies"
by Killing Kittens May 19, 2004
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When someone takes over a role you have (typically at work), thus making you outdated.
Rafey just killed the presentation to the board. He's dinosauring the fuck out of me.
by Poley on the Pole June 18, 2018
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A species thought to be extinct in rality birds are dinosaurs
Dude did you know birds are a kind of dinosaur
by thecanadianninja May 31, 2018
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n. An animal believed to have lived in the ice age. It is unknown whether this animal is still alive today. It is a species of penguin. It looks like your average emperor penguin, but it has spots the resemble very closely to a giraffes skin. It also carries other characteristics of a giraffe, such as a five foot neck and 12 inch tongue.

This animal is commonly mistaken for some type dinosaur. It is in no way a reptile or related to any type of dinosaur.
Dinosaurous was once the ruler of its penguin species, but now nobody knows whats happened to it. My theory is that it separated and evolved into the average penguin and giraffe we know today.
by Mr. Phillip March 9, 2011
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1.) The term means "terrible lizard", derived from Greek words. Extremely successful creatures who are believed to have died out 65 million years ago and lived/ruled during the Mesozoic era. Some (meaning the theropods) are also believed to be the ancestors of modern-day birds due to feather imprints around fossils and other similarities, with the closest links being the dromaeosaurs (raptors); however, none seem to have been able to actually fly.

There were a number of different groups, but they are generally classified by whether they were herbivorous or carnivorous, which is also also by the structure of their hip bones (bird- or lizard-hipped). Some, if not all, might have even been warm-blooded. They were also the descendants of reptiles, not the other way around. And contrary to popular belief, most were not ridiculously huge. Most were were about the size of a large car or smaller.

Although it seems like we've dug up every dinosaur that ever lived in the world, in truth it is only a small percentage, so we'll never actually really know that much about them. Oh, and don't forget that thanks to World War II, the first fossils of Carcharodontosaurus and Spinosaurus were destroyed.

2.) Something old or outdated; obsolete. May also pertain to the description of an older person.
When the fossils of a dinosaur called Megalosaurus were found in 1677, people thought it was a dragon.
by Copycat26 August 13, 2011
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