The only way that old, ugly, American rejects could find someone to marry them. The target of the mail order bride system are young and poor women from third world countries who are desperate to leave their poverty life in search of a better one in America.
Anthony is in jail for abusing his new Russian mail order bride who is 20 years his junior.
by xntrc October 12, 2005
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the best way to get an asian wife without being asian.
$3.50! for a mail order bride? good lord thats a lot of money.
by mephisto May 28, 2003
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Mail-order brides traditionally hail from developing countries most famous country is Russia. When the collapse of the Soviet Union {1991} a large number of eastern European women advertised themselves on the net to get a better life, primarily being from Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. Making most people think Russian females are mail order brides. And the people who buy the women cannot get one of their own {They be fat,ugly,crippled,retarded etc etc}
David is a loser, he is buyin a mail order bride
by DamnEvan July 16, 2008
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little russian female whores with bug eyes that use males for their money and dont really love them.
they are only in the relationship for security, gifts, and sex.
sometimes the russian even wishes the male that "purchased" her is someone else and tries to change him into who she wants him to be.
Dude! I found this hot russian mail order bride looking girl, shes so hot! She even picks out my clothes for me and makes me buy her things. She must love me!
by Trampy Tina October 24, 2006
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When you raise capital in an investment fund to acquire multiple Russian mail-order bride platforms. This is done so that the investor controls the supply chain of connecting beautiful Russian women and rich white men.

Conspiracy theorists state that this is how the Russian government blackmails powerful politicians and businessmen. There have not yet been any recorded cases of Russian mail-order brides blackmailing their rich, powerful husbands.
Person A - Hey are you still planning on going through that Russian mail-order bride consolidation play?
Person B - Ya, we raise $100 Million to acquire the top 20 online platforms. We will own over 90% of the market in the next two years!
by iMonkeyBIZ February 9, 2020
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Abroad that was ordered from another country
I personally thanked she's a mail order bride but I can't really say 100%.
by 459395 March 29, 2023
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