what your baby looks like after the first month of conception!
my baby looks like a dino. im one month prego.
by *($#^)%*^)*(!)%&)!@$*)@#$^*$#) November 5, 2009
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to kill the joy in a situation.

to emit an akward noise into a situation.
Dude you just dinoed the situation

by Minorities+whitey March 5, 2010
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To bail, to pike. abandon an activity with your mates. To wimp out.
What do u mean you're not coming. Dude dont dino on me. You are such a dino
by Jojo Bobo August 24, 2005
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Generally used by someone of a low intelligence if something is really good.
Dannie : Huv you seen Boab's Nova

Jimmy : Aye man its pure Dino
by lol@you 1 July 27, 2009
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A slang term for the female Clitoris. Usually found in the crotch region of the panties.
Sam C.'s dino is getting wet!
by Gray Goose People of 2008 July 11, 2008
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A really cool dude that kinda likes to dance around in other peoples pants. Hes pretty amazing and his followers bow down to his every move. But he is not a dinosaur. Hes just a Canadian.
Person 1"Oh Look It's Dino Omnomnom"
Person 2 "HES A FAKE"
Person 2 "so did I..."
by colourwonder June 28, 2010
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