not entirely, but getting there
"I somewhat forgave you"
by krystinehkayem June 18, 2007
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They're not conventionally beautiful or handsome. But they do have something about them that is appealing
Jessica is not like a supermodel she's just somewhat attractive
by Palmbay1007 June 10, 2018
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"Typical outward signs of a human who is feeling somewhat a-globular could be an unfocussed upward-tilting gaze and widely-stretched, flailing limbs; the person might also be clutching at or jabbing at the air with an item of stationery in what is generally understood to be desperation to focus his or her concentration"
"Give me that pen bitch! I'm feeling somewhat-a-globular and don't know what to do"
by i can't find my mango April 2, 2007
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A state of mind where one is confused or disorientatated about one's psychological, physical, geographical, social, and/or professional state
"What's this? Where am I? What's going on? Oh no..I'm feeling somewhat-a-globular" said the child as he woke up to find an old fisherman buying fish in front of him.
by i can't find my mango April 2, 2007
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isn't hilarious but can make a person snicker or giggle
it was somewhat funny to see him actually do it
by Olallybabe May 25, 2018
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its a mental state, for example when you have rather alot on youre mind and feel in need of a nice cup of tea than you would describe youreself as 'somewhat flustered'
s 'how are you feeling?'
t 'well, to be honest i'd say i'm feeling somewhat flustered'
by bee&mays florist October 17, 2008
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