The top dating site of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Maine, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Missouri, Utah, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Alaska
Oh yeah, I hit my cousin up on last night.
by Loafus Crambwell May 6, 2019
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A man (usually 29-35) who uses the website too much. They’ve been on the site since 2008, and have collected around 30,000 names. They’ve traced they’re family lineage back to mediaeval peasants by the time you figured out your grandma’s birthday.
* nerd enters room* nerd: did you guys know I’m related to Pericles?
by Roasted beans March 3, 2022
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