deceptive, evasive, or diversionary treatment, especially in response to a request
She gave her boyfriend the runaround when he asked her if she was doing drugs.
by The Return of Light Joker August 30, 2009
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The act in which employees and staff of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Students give students a "Runaround". The runaround typically consists of having students refer to other departments for answers that no one has answers to or is unwilling to assist in.
"I keep getting the Riddle Runaround!"
by Flight Team [mofo] December 28, 2005
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A Runaround Sue is a girl that seems to be loyal and loving to you, but is in reality playing games with lots of guys to get attention and love. This term was first popularised by singer Dion in 1961.
Damn....i just caught my girl hanging out with this other guy in a coffee i realise she's just a Runaround Sue.
by jazzyrocks4299 May 10, 2015
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When a girl acts like she wants you but all she really wants is for you to run around like a little dog; to tease.
- Man! She gave me the runaround for eight months til she finally told me she was getting back with her boyfriend.
by venusflytrap January 18, 2005
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a girl who loves it to check out the whole crowd of boys in her class or any other community for having sex
she´s got a real runaround-sue by chamging the boy friend three times a week!
by steppenwolf November 19, 2006
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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach. No girls and school fucks you over. students pay 30,000 a yar to be ass raped
Dude i got grounded from flight today for no reason, I tried going to Records and Registration but i got the riddle runaround
by JACK August 1, 2004
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When a female thinks it's "empowering" to sleep with a bunch of guys. Instead, being ran through like a track meet ruins perception of love and creates an unstable mentality in relationships.
Girl: "I've caught so many bodies :) You wanna hookup?"
Guy: "Nah, You smashed the whole team, miss me with that Runaround Sue"
by Enby1 October 23, 2020
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