The guy who answers the phone of intended recipient, only to explain that he is not the guy you are looking for, but the other guy. Heard often with non-native speakers who command broken English, particularly of the Indian sub-continent.
Fash: Yo Bils, wassup my main geezer!

Other guy: This is not Bils. This is other guy

Fash: No shit? Where's Bils?

Other guy: Bils not here. This is other guy.

Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, Freshie, Broken English
by fo-diddy April 28, 2009
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Famous opera singer who is neither Pavarotti nor Domingo
ELAINE: Who else is on the show?

JERRY: Uh.. one of the three tenors.

ELAINE: (Interested) The Three Tenors? (Stands up) Which one?!

JERRY: Uh.. It's not Pavarotti.. It's not Domingo..

ELAINE: (Extremely excited) The other guy?!

JERRY: (Nodding) Yeah, the other guy.
by enroiv March 19, 2010
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That one guy who is in that one girl's life who foils your plan of getting with her. Other Guy is not a person, but more of a position. Other Guy can be a close guy friend, an ex-boyfriend, someone trying to hit on her, etc.
"Dude, did you hit on Sarah last night?"

"I was going to, but then Other Guy came and stole my thunder. She was talking to him the whole time."

"Aww, man. I hate Other Guy!"
by The Midnight Creeper27 December 13, 2011
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The guy who a taken girl has been cheating on her boyfriend with.
guy a's girlfriend has been fooling around with guy b, making guy b the other guy.
by krispekremy November 10, 2008
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Code slang for the verb "urinate".

Extremely popular expression in Northern Alberta, Canada and other parts of the Canadian prairies.
Hold tight a sec fellas, I gotta pretend to be two other guys.
by Mejon August 6, 2010
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What somebody says when they took a bad beat in a fight, but the person they fought got it even worse.
“Damn bro is that black eye from the fight at the club last night?”
You should see the other guy
by Black mass December 17, 2020
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Exactly what it says
Some douchebag: are you and that other guy gay?
Me: No, we're just guys who stick their penises in other guy's butt holes, huge difference
Some douchebag: I see no difference
Me: It's cuz we say NO HOMO so that makes it straight. Then we go back to fucking girls right in the pussy
by jacob256 November 6, 2014
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