someone who is unpredictable but yet irresponsible
No one should with someone who is unstable because they can cause problems for you in the long run.
by Gerard Irick November 1, 2010
A building which does not contain horses.
The stable was unstable. The unstable was stable.
by flob October 15, 2007
A person, whose name is M. Kamal Attia, otherwise known as Bitch Ass.
Hey Bitchass! Why are you so unstable?
by don't be ridiculous August 28, 2017
Aideen and Killian are thé most unstable duo ever
Aideen and Killian are so unstable”
“Where’s the lie?”
by Kat01 June 28, 2021
a word that describes a horrorcore/acid rap/wicked shit/hip hop/ RAP GROUP based out of Virginia
I found music @ for unstable.
by Unstable terret April 22, 2011