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Dion is a name for males.
It comes from the name Dionysos which was the greece god for party and wine.

Dion is a very nice and caring guy and the best friend or boyfriend you can ever have. He cares alot about people who are in problems and really knows how to love girls.

He is very humble, shy and cute.
And keeps his feelings for himself.
Whenever you want to share your feelings he is open for them, always.

He will always stay with his true love and will love her as much as he can.
He has alot of fun with his friends, no matter how far they live from each other, they will always laugh together.
He protects everyone dear to him and will always do.
"What's your name?"
by DamDatNoob September 12, 2011
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An authentic fellow who is very intelligent, athletic, and sexy; has a very charming personality and keeps a cool head all the time. A great social being and a good role model to look up to.
"I wish I was as talented as Dion."

"Wow did u see that amazing play? He pulled a Dion!"

"My boyfriend is so cool. He acts like a Dion."
by somebody50 July 18, 2009
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the man of everyone's dreams. including men. he is tall, dark, and handsome. sexy on the inside and outside. and he smells so damn good. he is also very athletic and muscular. and a smooth dancer. on top of that, he is very charming and humble. sweet talker. the best cuddler around. he knows how to treat you right. and last but not least, he's an intelligent individual.
Dion: I love you
Bar: OMG Dion is too amazing!!!
Layla: I am waaay out of his(Dion) league.. sadface
Romeo: I wish i could be just like Dion.
Juliet: ohhh, dear dion. wherefore art thou dion..
by thetaylorgang May 19, 2011
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A FINE ASS MAN.... tehehe .. also the best boyfriend in the whole entire world.. somebody loves you
dion is the sexiest person in the whole entire world!!
by BeiBeiiFiFi March 14, 2004
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A very Kind, generous carng young man. Trusted by others and

a lot of respect from his friends and family.
He cares for hos loved ones more then himself and would be greatly trusted and comiited to a relationship.
Girls really would love to be with him but they worry about the bitching from other girls cause they also want him badly.
Its simply his looks and charms that bring the girls to his life.

Have sex with him!!!!!!
His amazing
Girl- Heyy were you with dion yesterday?
Other Girl- Yess :). His amazing
Girl- kill the bitch his mine!!!
by The beast from no where May 28, 2012
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Sarah: Hey! Look theres DION!
Sinclaire: I know he is DA bomb
Dion: I know Look at me im so hip and cool!
by Dion March 23, 2005
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An abstract concept, typified by a state of mind approaching the cerebral nirvana of a cartoon super-villain psyche crossed with that of a 1972 peruvian porn star.
whoa, you're like, so Dion right now!
by Watabee January 27, 2004
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