Bay area slang:

To be deceived. Often used when naive people drink/smoke for the first time.

To Decept: To deceive in a punishing manner.
Damn, that fool got decepted off of one drink!

You talk a lot of shit... I will decept you in Smash Bros.

I am about to decept my girl. (To have sex)

I got decepted for not knowing how boring this job is.
by AheAheAhe October 8, 2009
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1) a synonym for deceive, created to better resemble/reference the noun form, "deception."

2) to perform a negative action in the style of the insidious deceptacons. also, negative actions undertaken by the deceptacons themselves. antonym: to autobate
Stylin’ is creative black sheep of the native/ Can’t be violated or even decepticated”

Black Sheep, “the choice is yours.”
by Dash Hammerskjold December 1, 2007
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New York City Street Gang,Decepticons,created 1985 mainly from a group of students at prestigeous Brooklyn Technical High School.
As seen in Essence magazine ,august 1998,Decepts :Gang girl: the transformation of Isis Sapp-Grant - narrative of former gang member
by DarknessDestuuct June 20, 2006
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The act of deceiving another. An action used for personal gain by lying to someone. If you tell are lie, and they believe you, you are deceiving them; deception.
The art of successfully using deception is a skill worth mastering if you know how to use it.
by kyle.biddle January 23, 2011
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Deception is a form of bribery fruad and blackmail
When Ben says deception he also means bribery...
by Benii Bra August 23, 2018
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When your mother-in-law tries to say deceitful, but because she is uneducated and from downtown Detroit she says deceptful.
'Dem is being deceptful to me and taking the money.
by Erudition November 19, 2008
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v. To be deceived or lead someone to believe something other that the truth.
Josh realized what was going on and shouted "I've been decepted."
by Mad Hat November 6, 2009
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