Avoiding an object or a subject. Skirting around an issue.
Stop being so evasive and tell me if you have plans for New Years Eve.
He slammed on the bakes and made an evasive move just in time to miss hitting the pole.
by sotit December 18, 2013
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Avoiding something, especially in an argument.

An accusation used in debates by the childish whenever a person doesn't respond in the exact way desired.
I'm getting really tired of your constant evasion of my questions.
by entivore October 6, 2003
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Any person who enjoys good literature.
First it was Cirque de Freak, now it's Harry Potter, he is such an evasic.
by Lulzy Woots November 26, 2009
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If you get banned from a game, and you go on to another account while your banned. Just so you can play more.
I got banned today.

So your evading/Evasion?

by ureonmyhitlist January 22, 2010
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Avoidance of ones words, to prevent the trapping of lies.
Evasion of girlfriends questions to prevent telling little white lies
by aut April 6, 2006
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Child like temper within a person of a young adult age.
Often known to never let anything go and remain annoyed and upset for a long time over intangable objects
Your acting like evasion :/
by Anonymous September 5, 2003
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Action taken by a person who spys another person approaching whom he would like to avoid.

Evasive maneuvers include:

1. Ducking down an aisle or into a cubicle to avoid the person.

2. Turning around mid-stride and walking away from the person before he spys you.

3. Making up an elaborate (yet plausible) excuse to get away from the person, i. e. "I really want to chat, but I am late picking up my kids from daycare. It was good seeing you!"

4. Pretending to be engaged in some important act (i.e. a telephone call) so the person is forced to leave your presence.
Upon seeing the office gossip approach, the clerk begins the evasive maneuver of grabbing a stack of folders and heading toward the file room.
by Loxi July 17, 2009
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