to be Beated down by, defeated by, or "mind-blown" by; or to just simply be raped up the ass
I was ass raped by that test.
by haressh June 28, 2005
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to be fucked in the ass, forcefully and unwillingly. the victim can be a man or woman, but the ass raper is always a dude.
prison guy #1:oh shit, there goes my soa...AHHHHH FUCK YOU
prison guy #2: shut up bitch and take it like a man
prison guy #3: dude, check out that guy getting ass raped,
he should have had a rope on that soap.
prison guy #4: i wish i could get some action
by hustlerjake November 22, 2005
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To be completely taken advantage of unwillingly by something or someone, usually in a situation where you have no other choice.
I got completely ass raped by the cashier at airport parking.
by Eliza June 15, 2006
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What happens to you after eating undercooked burgers at Five Guys.
(after spending 20 minutes in the bathroom)

Friend 1: Dude, are you OK?
Friend 2: I now know what it feels like to be ass raped by five guys.
by Kericr December 27, 2007
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Something that will happen to you in prison if you drop your soap in the shower
I was raped by Bubba because I dropped my soap in the shower.
by N/A July 27, 2003
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