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"There aren't that many girls at Embry-Riddle."
by John December 28, 2004
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A flight school comprised of a Prescott, AZ campus and the larger Daytona Beach campus. Pretty much a giant sausage-fest with a bunch of Aviation geeks who do not know how to socialize and do not know what it is like to be a college student. Also most people at this school did not get the best grades in high school (the smart kids probably went to Purdue, the best flight university in the country), and therefore the washout rate is typically 35-50%.

There are no girls here, so better find a girlfriend and not expect to find one on campus. The girls that are here are ok, but dont mind the 16 dudes chasing her to and from class.

Pretty much 95% of the people here are a bunch of wannabe preps who didnt get into a better school so they figured it would be cooler to join a school with a bunch of penises.
Hey man! I see you go to Embry-Riddle! Is the girl to guy ratio better than 80:1 yet?
by SilverStar123 November 23, 2008
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