A type of drinking game where the participants shake up an unopened beer can to add pressure, and then proceed to smash it against their heads. Winner is the first to get enough of a stream shooting out to drink the remaining beer.
I'm totally hammered, me and the guys did a few too many rumples before we went out.
by coozie August 22, 2012
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the visible lump(s) that result from shitting your pants in underwear, briefs, or any skin-tight variant.
Diana totally has rumples in her pants, but at least her hair looks AMAZING! OMG.
by Jake Menashe February 24, 2005
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Prior to the act of anal intercourse, the gentleman produces some saliva onto his fingertips or directly onto his partners anus to lubricate the anal insurtion!
If your a gentleman you will not forget to rumple first!

"Hold on dear i still need to rumple!"
by Joe Armstrong January 19, 2006
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To give the appearance of being disheveled, messy, unkempt, untidy, or scruffy to a person, object, situation, etc..
"Watch out! I just got all cleaned up and now you knock me onto the ground!"
"I am so sorry. I got you all rumpled...let me help you tidy up. It's the least I can do."
by Jame$m88 April 5, 2014
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a short midgetlike man or women that is weird and goofy,rumple stands for rumplestiltskin the fictional character. Who was a short deformed midget.
by A.W. Anonymous April 10, 2008
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noun: A person or thing who has surpassed the usual level of doofiness. Usually sports a confused look constantly, and has a body that seems too big for them to handle properly.
"God, Steve! You're such a rumple!"
by Deus Ibi Est May 17, 2006
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A Horrific and life changing disease that affects the penis. Causes large pus filled bumps to appear, and makes women grow a penis with similar effects. The Rumples are unable to be cured but can be treated with a special cream. After stroking your willy with the cream the diseases effects lessen for a short amount of time. After long exposure and no treatment the rumples with cause the diseased person's penis is explode from the pressure. The pus is infectious so anywhere it touches will likewise be infected.
Did you hear that John got The Rumples? Better stay away from him
by realshape April 24, 2021
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