welcome to stay kingdom, stray kids empire where everything is majestic, beautiful, fantastic and spectacular -Bang Chan 2k18
by hyunsungiee February 8, 2019
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to constantly or continouously do something
I stay sleepintg in on Saturday.
by DarkNova December 18, 2001
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also meaning clowns, stays are straykids' fandom. we usually recognize each other really fast because or our big, red clown nose.
look, they must be a stay, just look at their nose!
by eugenia clownlee January 7, 2021
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the place where you live. Implies a temporary living situation, (even if it's at home with your parents for your whole life)
She stays with her auntie on Euclid Av.
Or, "Where do you stay (live)?"
by clare radigan January 18, 2004
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Stays are people who are very crackheaded and are most commonly described as Clowns.
Stays are absolute clowns.
by skzstays October 11, 2019
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Stray Kids (or Skiz;SK;Skz) lovely fandom. They are a pure fandom who’s only goal in life is to show love and support toward Stray Kids. In return, Stray Kids gives them love, hard work and incredible content back.
Did you see lovely fan on twitter?

Oh yeah! They’re a Stay!!
by StrayWithMe August 1, 2018
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