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To make something slippery. A more erotic explanation would be to make the penis or vagina more slippery and hence achieve a better rubbing feeling when the sex organs are rubbing against each other. Men produce a lubricant called precum while women secrete vaginal fluid that makes the vagina walls wet.
To enhance a better sex experience both partners secrete lubricants that lubricate their respective sex organs.
by HelpfulJack January 06, 2019
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to make easier to use or slipperier;)
Guy 1: Make sure you lubricate before hand
Guy 2: I know the drill XD
by Fluffupaws1377 October 06, 2018
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When french people go to turky hot spring, the bangcok's naked woman lubricate on french's body and let them slide off with several spa techniques.
Oh. Yehhhh. That's good. UMMMMM. aHHHH.aWWWWWWW.
Bangkok girl lubricate french emmanuelle's body. Each other feel erotic and they gonna fuck after turkey massage.
by purinsy August 28, 2008
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