adjective, untidier, untidiest.
not tidy or neat; slovenly; disordered:
an untidy room; an untidy person.
not well-organized or carried out:
an untidy plan.
verb (used with object), untidied, untidying.
to mess up; disorder; disarrange:
The guests untidied the room.
"an untidy room; an untidy person."
He went to a little untidy desk in the corner, and began a note.
by M.I.Z February 14, 2015
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Another name for the food item "sloppy joe" (ground beef smothered in tomato sauce served on a bun).

Reserved only for bad asses (BA's).
Peggy Sue: Eat your untidy joseph, kid.

Julie Anne: Fuck you.
by jmrot July 28, 2009
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When a you cum everywhere but inside her and she still ends up pregnant. Bonus points if you're for sure the only guy shes been with and the baby STILL isn't yours.
Dudebro #1 "Bro, my girl says shes pregnant but i always pop on her chest". Dudebro #2 "DUDE! That's an Untidy Joseph, your girls carrying Jesus 2.0!" Dudebro #1 "Holy Shit Bro!" Dudebro #2 "EXACTLY!"
by Gorbachops February 26, 2019
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A messy looking vagina, with flaps of skin hanging down around her knees
Bloody hell john , I whipped her panties off and went to have a rifle and she had such an untidy sock drawer, I daren’t let me digits anywhere near.
by Shuttlep January 17, 2008
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When you make your girlfriend chicken parm, then break up with her that evening during intercourse
You hear Kris untidy matty his girl yesterday? Kid is savage she didn’t see it coming.
by Floridaman69 February 5, 2019
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