You knock” is slang for you a dumbass or stupid ass person. It’s used in Stockton California on the west side.
“Is it time to go?” ,“Omg yeah you knock” or “how do you spell expert?” ,”lol your a knock e,x,p,e,r,t”
by issalesloca February 22, 2019
I hear you knocking, but you can't come in! A Fats Domino song about his feelings for a ex who wants to return!
I hear you knocking, but you can't come in! Go back where you been.
by I, Wreckerrr November 14, 2020
A lovely little phrase with a dual meaning, both of which were coined by English speaking nations.

In the UK, it means "to knock on one's door in order to rouse them from their slumber". However, in the US, the younger and slightly more risqué cousin of the UK, it is a form of the verb phrase 'to knock up', which refers to the act of impregnating someone.

Remember to be mindful of your speech when travelling abroad.
British Man: "When would you like me to knock you up tommorrow?"
American Woman: "Who's gonna do what now!?"
by TheNineteenth January 29, 2015
In America it means impregnated, while in the UK it means rudely woken up.
The dual meaning of, “knock you up” is displayed in this Frasier script.

Daphne Moon: Your father knocked me up bright and this morning.
Frasier Crane: My father did what to you!?
Daphne: He knocked me up. In England it means to be woken up. What does mean here?
Frasier: Oh, uhh nothing…
by Biden is a dick December 27, 2022
To wake you up tomorrow. It goes back to the days in before alarms where they used to come around and knock on your door to wake you up. Moden UK or british type hotel clerks will still use the saying.
I'll knock you up in morning, we'll suck a quick fag and be off.
by Pokerman11 February 1, 2008
standard speech for some fool to yell on an internet fight video after someone goes down. waaaaayyyy played out.

makes me CRINGE and i immediately want to slap the fuck out the person who says it...
it always happens in the following succession:

1. first you hear: 'get em homie'... 'get that nigga'... 'fuck that bitch up'

2. then: <SMACK> ... fist to face

3. quickly followed by a: <SMACK> ... head/body hits ground

4. here it comes 100% of the time: 'AHHHHHH, YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT'
by sickofthepussies August 14, 2007