A woman of amazing energy and spirit. She's strong, courageous, and posses a spirit that inspires. Applies to any woman who reminds you of Princess Diana of Themyscira Wonder Woman. A very down to earth woman, relates to other people very easily. She makes you want to not let her down. Her laugh lights up your day and she loves to laugh. Not someone to be trifled with, either. She is swift in her decisions and can see through your BS. While everyone likes her, she despises large groups of people and she seeks the intimacy of one-on-one and smaller groups.
You want to be near a Diana.
I need someone to lead this team through a very rough time...I need a real Diana.
by Captain Grammerica August 21, 2018
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Diana is nice cool cute and hot she is a great friend and will always have your back. All of the boys secretly are crushing on her. She has a lot of friends but only trusts a few people. If she trusts you your really lucky. But don't get on her bad side because if you do she will find a way to make you feel awful! She is shy at first but when you get to know her she is amazing! Boys if u have her treat her right! She is so sweet and everyone loves her. She is funny and sarcastic but really sassy plus she always likes random people!
Julian: Damm who's that hot gurl over there
Daniel: Duhh thats Diana the hottest and nicest person ever
by Sassy Girll February 7, 2019
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Diana is a beautiful,smart,funny, and kind girl. She has a beautiful laugh and when she laughs u wanna laugh with her. She’s the kind of person who loves to hang out with her friends and loves them very much. Diana is very careful on who she trust, is she does trust u, just know, ur very special to her. Diana loves to hang out with her friends and loves to laugh. She has such a cute laugh. She’s perfect. Diana’s are the best people that u should be around. Diana would help u with any problem u have, she help u get threw it and she’ll helo u feel better. She’s a caring person.If u know a Diana, be friends with her, she’ll make ur day.
Who’s that?
That’s Diana, she’s a great friend :)
by Andrea1100 March 2, 2018
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Diana is a girl that is really over protective when it comes to her friends and family so don’t mess with them. She might seem weak but she is a total game liter daughter. She is nice, cute, smart, beautiful, fighter, leader, goddess, small, and sometimes a pain in the ass, but a sweet one. Even though she is confident about herself but it is only just a mask that she wears in public but when she comes home she cries at night. She has a really hot body and strong fate so don’t argue with her you will never win. She smiles all the time but mostly inside she is crying but does not show it because she wants the best for everyone. So if you have her don’t break her heart she has already been there a lot. She has gorgeous big and beautiful brown eyes that hold so much pain that you can ever imagine but there is still some happiness not a lot but still. Gorgeous beautiful brown hair, smile that is so hard to find in damaged people like her but she is holding on because she doesn’t want people around her to Sulfur the way she does, and a heart of a stone. I love you Diana even tho you don’t pay attention to me because you have other things to worry about in your life, but just know that I love you!!!
Guy2: Yeah that’s Diana, why?
Guy1: since you know her introduce me to her

Guy2: And why should I do that?
Guy1: Cuz I want to bang her, and cuz you are my friend.
Guy2: no
Guy1: what?
Guy1: why not?
Guy2: Because she has already been trough a lot and I know you bro you will only break her heart and I don’t want that to her she deserves better.

Diana: hey (Guy2’s name)
Guy2: ha gd th ah... hey Diana you look great.
Guy1: Yeah you really do want to have some fun later???
Diana: not interested

*Diana leaves*
Guy2: not cool bro *he leaves too*
Guy1: playing hard okay well I will deserve you one day!
by Secret Admire November 22, 2018
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Diana has a great personality and will give you a shoulder if you need to cry. She will try to solve every conflict and is a perfectionist.
Friend: Diana, stop correcting me when I use improper grammar!
by Cheerleader1119 December 1, 2015
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Diana is the bad ass of the school. Everyone wants to be her friend but she has only a few people that she trusts. She is hot af and the most sexiest girl ever. Every guy in the school has laid an eye on her and some still do it’s hard to date her and hard to become her friends so never lose Diana if you find one. Diana never has enemies she has only haters because of her pretty face and hot body. Usually Diana’s have big asses. She is nice only to her friends and try not to get on to her bad side because she can be a bitch and kick your ass if you talk shit about her she will be at your face and you will not like the rest. She is an amazing fighter and always fights in life to survive everyday of her life because she has a tough life at home but she keeps it all inside and always when she leaves the house she puts her fack smile on and leaves she is perfect and really loyal. Diana is usually the most amazing kisser and really good in bed. Diana is the best girlfriend you would ever have and she is the hardest girl to get she is not open and you will need to fight for her to get her and if you do you will be the happiest person alive and if you once lost her fight and do your best to get her back because she was and still is worth the fight!!!!
Boy- “ shit do you see that girl right there? She is smoking hot!!”

Boy 2- “ that most be Diana but be carful because she is hard to get easy to lose and nice to have she is the most popular girl around guys!”

Boy- “ yeah and I know why!”

Boy 3- “ hey fuck off she is mine!”

Boy- “ fight me”

They fight*

Diana- “ hey guys cool down or I will kick you ass
by TheOnlineTeller July 1, 2018
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A weird and goofy girl she may look shy but once you get to know her she is very loud

She is a great friend she will always be there and a shoulder to cry on.

She always keeps all her feelings inside but it is very hard she always tries to say STRONG.
by Aye.itz.banana November 23, 2016
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