To let your homeboy know you are down with a handshake ...(gang related)
Yo nigga shake up before you rotate those tires
by Percy October 23, 2003
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Means The Room Is Gonna Get Shot Up.
Stop playing with me before I shake up the room” “Pass me the gun I’m about to shake up the room”
by NYC President April 6, 2022
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mad shake-ups (n)

Having great agility and the abilty to fake-out other athletes.
Nigga, i've got some mad shake-ups.

by The White Tailback August 24, 2004
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Another shitty Disney show. When will they learn to bring the classics like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck back that the whole family can watch, not just stupid little girls? Anyway, the jokes suck, the music sucks, there are too many cliches, and TOO MUCH DAMN AUTOTUNE! The dancing is atrocious, and the singing isn't singing: its all fucking autotune! Just another crappy Disney show that only idiodic douchebag little girls can watch. Shows like this is the abomination of mankind!
Person 1: Hey, whats that on tv?
Person 2: Ooh, its "Shake it Up"
Person 1: What the fuck! Why isn't there talent in Disney Channel shows and music anymore?
Person 2: Yeah fuck this. I'm changing the channel.
by iwon'ttellumyname March 7, 2011
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A terrible Disney show, so bad it makes you wish for the good old days when there was...Hannah Montana.

Great plots, but said great plots are overshadowed by the overused, unfunny jokes, terrible acting, and horrible dancing.
Shake It Up sucks.
by Willoe June 23, 2011
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To ask for a larger bill to be changed into smaller ones.
When handing the waitress a $20 bill, you ask, "Could you shake this up for me, please?"

She brings you a $10 bill, a $5 bill, and 5 $1 bills.
by emhumm November 7, 2011
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I'm a bouncer at the hottest shake em up spot.

The girls at this shake em up spot are the hottest.
by starofagem August 8, 2010
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