A reggae-influenced word meaning terrible from the perspective of the speaker, not as an entirety from the view of society.

It started in the music genre as a slang word, and evolved into a common term by rap artists. Usually in relation to the drug marijuana.
"Man, I smoked the rest of my weed"
"That's rotton, I'll spare you a bowl."
by CoolHand November 30, 2013
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Stank ass smelly hooker pussy dripping with festering STD's.
Joey Hash fucked some nasty rotton crotch last night and has a cold sore on his face now.
by fingerbangyourasshole December 15, 2008
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Used piece of cotton like material used for female periods, sanity towels , tampak , or sock
Dirty bitch left her rotton cotton in my microwave again
by mitch00uk March 21, 2015
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When a man is having sex with a woman that has a foul smelling/tasting vagina, and right before you cum you pull out, stick your dick in her mouth so she can taste her nasty vagina and cum in her mouth.
I was giving a woman oral sex and decided she needed a rotton oyster, so that she could taste what I tasted.
by Maxx Casey October 01, 2006
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this is when you blow your nose into the pussy of a girl
i was eatin this girl out, well i had a runny nose, and no kleenex or nothin, so i used the ol'rotton kleenex.
by dave offner(Dream team) January 25, 2005
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1.) Tottally and utterly, generally disgusting
2.) REALLY foul stench
3.) Unfair
1.) "Sick, that pile of dog shit I just stepped in made my shoe all ass rotton."
2.) "MAN!! your farts are ass rotton!!"
3.) "Im not getting the raise?? Man thats ass rotton!!"
by Dana April 11, 2003
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a dude from lazytown that was a meme throughout 2016. a good at first, but somehow got to the
N O R M I E S and fucked everything up. overuse of the meme in the end of 2016 and part of January 2017 has now made this meme dead as fuck. thanks N O R M I E S!!
"Robbie Rotton best meme ever!"
"Shut up faggot!"
by veinycockpopsicle February 14, 2017
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