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Davey Havok- vocals
Jade Puget- guitar
Adam Carson- drums
Hunter Burgan- bass
"A Fire Inside, to me, means these three other guys who drink all the soymilk backstage before I get a damn drop of it." -Jade
by Dana January 17, 2004
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Someone who would like proof of God before devoting their whole life to him/her, but acknowledges that there is a possibility God exists. They often believe that people who state either 'yes' or 'no' are too close-minded.
An agnostic does not have proof that God exists. They look for it, but more often than not never find it.
by Dana September 27, 2003
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1. something that is crappy, shitty, stupid...
My ex boyfriend worked at Bennigans and a woman wanted Bow Tie pasta, but she ordered the bowdy pasta. she was stupid, so when something is stupid its bowdy.
person 1: dude, that bitch just stole my parking spot.
person 2: BOWDY!
by Dana November 10, 2004
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a mannish lesbian usually identified by an overwhelming ammount of leather being worn and usually sporting a mullet and/or facial hair
I thought that dude was hot, tillm I found out it was a bulldyke
by Dana March 25, 2003
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the collection of goopy stuff on the movie theater floor
"I stepped in some cinemuck and now my feet make sticky noises when I walk"
by Dana September 05, 2002
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