60 definitions by Dana

When you get so hammered that your left eye must look a completely different way then your right eye to focus.
"She's brining out the Jeby Eyes"
Look, she’s got Jeby eyes!
by Dana March 8, 2005
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*GMA* meaning "grab my ass"
SYD! *GMA* *coughgrabmyasscough*
by Dana October 5, 2003
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a ghettoized dance with a song that repeats "its time for the perkulator"
Hey yall! there playing the perkulator! *dances*
by Dana June 12, 2004
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a pungent, stank smell that permiates from the crotch usually after a hard workout, or lack of a shower for several days, occurs in both males and females.
Damn, after running that mile yesterday I was experiencing SERIOUS crotch rot!!
by Dana April 11, 2003
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spreading ideas and information in order to make people believe something
by Dana January 10, 2003
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When ur gonna scare some one and u wanna be gangsta.
by Dana January 11, 2004
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