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Someone who becomes devoted to something too easily or gives their heart away quickly. They might be easily upset by things going on around them.
Be good to her; she wears her heart on her sleeve.
by Dana October 03, 2003

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1. A state.
2. A river.
3. The word they love to make little kids learn to spell and repeat on command.
"I can spell Mississippi!"
by Dana October 03, 2003

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A Song sang to the tune of row row row your boat.
Fuck, fuck, fuck a duck
Screw a kangaroo
Sixty-nine a porcupine
And hope he blows you too.
by Dana July 11, 2004

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To a kill a person.
"I'm goin' to murk him."
by Dana October 28, 2003

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Someone who would like proof of God before devoting their whole life to him/her, but acknowledges that there is a possibility God exists. They often believe that people who state either 'yes' or 'no' are too close-minded.
An agnostic does not have proof that God exists. They look for it, but more often than not never find it.
by Dana September 27, 2003

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The Term Boofer in western Pa. Is used to describe a person who dresses poorly. A person who is unkempt.
"I can't go out like this. I look like a Boofer"
by Dana October 21, 2003

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Davey Havok- vocals
Jade Puget- guitar
Adam Carson- drums
Hunter Burgan- bass
"A Fire Inside, to me, means these three other guys who drink all the soymilk backstage before I get a damn drop of it." -Jade
by Dana January 17, 2004

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