1. to sit around and become fat and lazy. 2. usually a tendency of potheads. 3. also known as dark festering if the lights are off.
all they ever do is smoke weed and dark fester!
caitlin is festering.
by megzsexy8888 October 16, 2007
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The act of going to a third-world country and eating out the hookers. But only if she says "I love you".
I love festering when I goto the Philippines and Thailand.
by Lipless Nate April 14, 2008
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to be fat greasy harry and have a tendency to wallow around in day old potato chips and pizza crusts.
i havent had a shower in a week ive just been festering around the house.
by smethan November 27, 2007
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Female stalking.Comes from the english verb fester:To become septic; to become rotten; to worsen, especially due to lack of attention. original use derived from how gross girls are depressed and will hit on everything, but get nothing back so they just get worse. verb has come to refer to any instance of unwanted attention given from a girl to a guy. Isn't it funny when the guy just ISN'T interested and she STILL clings to him like a cliff face? that's festering.

when a girl who is nasty (un-hygenic,slutty) or who you just lack interest in who won't stop calling you,showing up in your daily life, coming to your parties uninvited, or just generally stalking you. more commonly refers to a girl you are not interested in who is all over you when you hang out with your friends.

gawd vickey was crazy festering at steve's party last night.

on you?

yeah I wish steve would stop inviting her, she's cute but I'm really into jane dude.

yeah, I feel ya.


what the hell?!?


dude that girl we met is festering on me man, she just texted me...

yuck, that girl is gonna make aids airborne, you seen that hoe?!

yeah I feel like a d-bag but I just HAVE to wash myself after she touches me...
by lemurpie July 15, 2008
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fester is the root. a collection of festered objects
Yo dude have you seen the festerment in your kitchen sink.

Yo Pasty! There is no way I a paying for that FESTERMENT (in this case cheap and nasty restraurant food)
by Stephen M. January 1, 2005
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If you're 'festered', you're stoned to the bone, maybe you're drunk as a skunk, or perhaps both. Either way, you're an inebriated son of a bitch with the munchies and a 'let's fuckin party' kinda attitude. Popularly used in Santa Cruz, California.
Dylan was so festered last night, he chased his tequila with a bite of mac n cheese.
by GlazedEyeGal February 6, 2019
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When sticking your Index and Middle Finger around a male scrotum while your pinky finger is inserted into the man's anus. The male on male equivalent of the shocker
by Mike Pezacouski August 10, 2007
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