when your are recieving some sort of sexual stimulation from a girl, right before you cum, you take the tip of your penis and place it right at her nostril.
"Did you hear? Travis gave the german foreign exchange student a runny nose"
by Travislam November 4, 2004
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while having sex, just before the climax of ejaculation stick your "head" in or just around the nostril of the girl and jizz in it, until it oozes out like a runny nose.
"oh man i runny nosed my girl last night, and it got all over her face."
by poopy squirepants June 18, 2006
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When you cum in to a girl's nose.
My girl wouldn't let me cum in her mouth so I gave that bitch a Runnie Nose.
by Soochka November 2, 2010
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Post-coital fluid seepage from the vagina.
After having sex, the next day when I go to the bathroom my beaver has a runny nose.
by KJzstiffy1 December 2, 2017
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Sarcastically said to imply that it's recipient has been masterbating a lot, due to the extordinary amount of tissues in a trashcan nearby.

Also includes but is not limited to: paper towel, napkins, toilet paper, wash clothes, and handkerchiefs.
Jack: Yo I was so productive today

John: *notices a lot of tissues in trashcan* Yeah I'll bet. You must have a runny nose!

Jack: Haha bro I'm not sick!

John: Well then stop killing trees you wanker! *points to trashcan*
by Chillbro March 4, 2014
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When a man shoots semen into another person's nostril and it comes out the other.
I'm planning to be runny nosing her tonight!
by Goodduck4 March 12, 2014
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