121 definitions by mitch00uk

A male with a huge amount of foreskin that looks rumpled
I anit sucking that cock, look at the rumpled foreskin
by mitch00uk March 27, 2015
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The discharge in the form of a watery substance or a movement of the bowles which causes unexpected leakage from the anus, both resulting in a awful skanking smell
What's that smell?? Is that you Jamie? Yes sorry my anus leaking, its a problem with the lady's, they leave me when they find out
by mitch00uk March 28, 2015
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A very dirty filthy smelly vagina that isn't fit for banging
Steve. I'm going to ask jenny out tonight!
Billy. Eweee mate jenny got a rancid pussy, last person to go up her lost a leg to gangrene
by mitch00uk April 12, 2015
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Something so bad it will always be remembered
That was so rotton but never forgotten, I will always know and remember
by mitch00uk March 27, 2015
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Used piece of cotton like material used for female periods, sanity towels , tampak , or sock
Dirty bitch left her rotton cotton in my microwave again
by mitch00uk March 21, 2015
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