121 definitions by mitch00uk

When your gay sexual partner sperm dribbles out of your anus after anus intercourse
Dave..I think I've just pissed out of my ass
John.. No its just ur bumcuming. Or should I say my cum out of ur bum
Dave.. Well least I won't get pregnant
by mitch00uk April 10, 2015
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That girl is a robin small breast, her tittys are flatter then a pancake
by mitch00uk April 1, 2015
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Used piece of cotton like material used for female periods, sanity towels , tampak , or sock
Dirty bitch left her rotton cotton in my microwave again
by mitch00uk March 21, 2015
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Completely taken over by germs
Wash that penis, its mould infested, short, cheese ridden and smells like a cheesy puff
by mitch00uk March 29, 2015
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Spousal abuse that involves the vagina
Police officer... How did he assault you
Women... By pussy bullying He pulled my clit like it was a elastic band and pinged it back, then pulled my pubes, then kicked my hole
by mitch00uk April 8, 2015
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Firing a taser at a vagina for sexual kicks
I went pussy tasering last night, when it hit her pussy I was more shocked then her, I've never seen a women have a convulsive orgasm , she loved it, the burning pubes stank though
by mitch00uk April 8, 2015
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When you start a friendship based on gay bum sex
John and ian are on a bum bonding weekend for some hairy smelly ass sex, I hope he wears a condom or he might get pregnant
by mitch00uk April 13, 2015
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