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A very dirty filthy smelly vagina that isn't fit for banging
Steve. I'm going to ask jenny out tonight!
Billy. Eweee mate jenny got a rancid pussy, last person to go up her lost a leg to gangrene
by mitch00uk April 12, 2015

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A foul stenching pussy, then needs not only washing but bleeching
Gees is that mine or your whiffy pussy
by mitch00uk March 27, 2015

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A competition to see who can flap out the grossest fanny smell
She's the regional champion at smelly fanny flapping, what a whiff worth a sniff
by mitch00uk March 26, 2015

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A sexual position , the man sqauts down and the women sits on the mans lap, while he enters her ass hole, while the man hops around the room,
Linda are you up for the doing the stink bug tonight
by mitch00uk March 28, 2015

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Choke oneself at the point of climax during intercourse, or allow one to choke you during climax
I can't cum during normal sex, I shoot my load only during choke sex, yeah
by mitch00uk March 29, 2015

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A stick that every community should have that is capable of doing lasting damage to those who interfere with children
Isn't that the geezer who touched that young girl, yes it is , get the pedo whacker out. And go to town on his head
by mitch00uk March 27, 2015

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Inserting a lid like odject or cork, to stop intercourse, a smaller version of a chastising belt,
My girlfriend cant get it else wear I've capped her fanny up good with a fanny cap
by mitch00uk March 26, 2015

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