4 definitions by Maxx Casey

When a man is having sex with a woman that has a foul smelling/tasting vagina, and right before you cum you pull out, stick your dick in her mouth so she can taste her nasty vagina and cum in her mouth.
I was giving a woman oral sex and decided she needed a rotton oyster, so that she could taste what I tasted.
by Maxx Casey October 1, 2006
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Before you have sex with a woman, put tabasco sauce on the OUTSIDE of the condom, her pussy lips will be on fire in no time. If you want to cool the burn, pull out and hose it down. (this may also work for BJs.)
My woman is always bragging that she enjoys spicy foods, but she couldn't handle the Hot Lips Houlahan.
by Maxx Casey October 3, 2006
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Put your woman's cell phone on vibrate, stick it up her ass, and as you are having sex, call her phone, have her shit it out, answer it, and talk dirty to you as you cum on her face.
I met this freak bitch in Alabama, and she intoduced me to the Birmingham booty call.
by Maxx Casey October 1, 2006
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starting off with simple tea-bagging, making sure that her nose is between your ass cheeks, and as she is jacking you off, you fart as much as possible.
I know she wants a dirty gas pump when she insists on paying at the local mexican restaraunt.
by Maxx Casey October 1, 2006
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