Used when an event or action is way beyond "ridiculous". Extremely unbelievable.
Football Fan 1: Did you see that hit?
Football Fan 2: That shit was ridonkulous...
by m.a. santiago October 7, 2004
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When something is beyond the description of ridiculous.
Mitch's theories and views of the world are ridonkulous!
by Smitty December 23, 2003
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An adjective to describe something that is worthy enough to be called exceedingly preposterous that is deserves an even more absurd name than ridiculous.
Person 1: Oh my god! Did you hear that Ashley Olson is dating Lance Armstrong?
Person 2: That is absolutely ridonkulous he's almost twice her age!
by Crystal K November 15, 2007
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A ridiculous way of saying 'ridiculous' to show how ridiculous a situation is.
Having a graded 100 point quiz on the first day of class is ridonkulous!
by siphuchien January 25, 2010
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An event that happens that surpasses ridiculousness, and reaches a new level of improbability
Dude I just saw a person accidentally fall out of a plane and live because he fell on a trampoline. That was ridonkulous.
by Alex Faber May 5, 2008
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Having the qualities of being ridiculous, but to a greater, perhaps exponential, degree. Marked by crazy ass qualities that make you laugh sooooo hard. Fucking hilarious.
Johnny Cash relapsing into drug use because his pet ostrich kicked him severely (boot party) in the 1980s (AD!!!). So an ostrich makes him shoot up?! Ridonkulous.
by B=======D~~~ July 29, 2007
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Something that is so ridiculous, it simply becomes ridonkulous.
Jessica: Pete... My dog just ate you car.
Pete: WHAT?!?! That's ridonkulous!
by Peter Cardakaris June 10, 2007
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