6 definitions by Peter Cardakaris

A City that is so insecure they feel they need to spend every dying second explaining why they are better than sydney.
Melbourne: We are so much better than you. we have better sport. better night life. better food. better woman.

Sydney: Are you still going on about that? Here's a free tip: SHUT THE FUCK UP.
by Peter Cardakaris August 14, 2007
Something that is so ridiculous, it simply becomes ridonkulous.
Jessica: Pete... My dog just ate you car.
Pete: WHAT?!?! That's ridonkulous!
by Peter Cardakaris June 10, 2007
A shirt which supports a member of politics

Man 1: Man I hate those overly political people...
Man 2: Tell me about it
*Man walks by with a politeeshirt that says 'Liberal for USA'*
Man: 1 *shudders*
by Peter Cardakaris February 20, 2008
Australian: Oi check out that lad over there.
English: Fuck off mate thats a chav.
by Peter Cardakaris October 4, 2007
A problem that really isn't neccesary, or that could easily be fixed, but usualy isn't.
Everyone keeps yelling and shouting over each other, what a shamozzle.

The other day at the game Jack was shamozzling, trying to rile up the other team.

There's a big shamozzle at the intersection, all the cars are banked up because of one idiot
by Peter Cardakaris June 11, 2007
Outdo, humourously became the term for a bad batch of marijuanna.
Because the term 'Indo' is used to describe a certain type of marijuanna from the Indian Hemp plant, which generally is great marijuanna, people say that outdo is the opposite of indo.
"I thought you said this was Indo... It smells like Outdo." Craig - Friday

"Man I didn't have enough money so I had to buy some outdo"
by Peter Cardakaris October 9, 2007