adjective meaning something that is absoloutely absurd and/or doesn't make sense.
The website doesn't make any sense!
It's preposterous.
by lurker August 14, 2004
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Preposterous means without sense.
Something or an act is preposterous if is has no beneficial effect after it's done and it's often impossible

to do it anyway.
It's an preposterous idea, but imagne getting into a spaceship for a ride with aliens.
by Aralk December 31, 2016
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Absolutely unacceptable to the s.o.b. who likes saying these big ass words
Brittany always beats my ass severely in bomberman. That shits just preposterous..propos..preopst...possum! ..bitch
by MaMa B January 12, 2015
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The way you feel after something preposterous is done.
"I am so Preposterated!"
by silversquirrel August 25, 2009
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Ominous saying something rediculous to get someone riled up over the that, my friend, is true preposterity.
by Max the Great June 7, 2005
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: very foolish or silly.
a preposterous excuse.
The whole idea is preposterous!
by toxicvic June 28, 2019
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