A term reserved in disc golf when a disc golfer, trying to make a putt, hits the top band of the basket and misses the putt.
Oh Shit! You had a chance to win the USDGC but you Mitched It!
by BumpusHound February 11, 2016
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A term reserved for those who reject so many woment that bitching it no longer cuts it.
"Hey man did you root that chick last night?" "Na man I just went home and studied" "Oh my god dude stop mitching it!"
by Anonymous..,. May 1, 2009
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A Mitch is a male version of a bitch. (According to Kevin Hart in Real Husbands of Hollywood)
That dude is a mitch! He cries too much!
by vietboss October 16, 2013
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When you misplace everything. Nothing is out of the question. There is nothing too big, too small, expensive or rare that you cannot lose. It's like a less exciting version of where's waldo, except you're looking for your iPhone X, your Tesla, or your $16 bottle of Rosé. If its mitchaking you crazy, don't worry, you're not alone.
Darn, I mitched again. Where did I leave my son?
by Newfonewhodis January 12, 2018
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a male bitch, someone who loves to get others in trouble to draw attention the to themselves.
Dude, quit being such a Mitch.

Don't be a Mitch and run tell Mom you caught me smoking
by Megan's Fiver June 9, 2010
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To loiter, lollygag, procrastinate, or behaving in a lackadaisical fashion in an attempt to avoid a previously set obligation, especially under the pretense of dealing with a ‘technical issue’(computer meltdown, glitch, virus, etc.) that would hinder participation in the aforementioned activity.
“Sally says she is getting her computer fixed during class today, but I think she’s just mitching.”
“Danny totally mitched out on that typing exam, I saw him hanging around the mall when he said he had to get his keyboard rewired.”
“I would love to mitch today, but I already said that my virus was taken care of and I can’t think of a better excuse.”
by Feather La August 4, 2007
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