35 definitions by Smitty

Nickname for the name "Anita"
Nitty (aka anita)is cool.
by Smitty December 24, 2002
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Fo ya Bachelor Party we are heading out to the Butt Naked, then back to the lab for the post game.
by Smitty February 24, 2003
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To have your porn confiscated by another.
Dude, I hate some sweet mpegs of japanese puke swapping whores, but my wife found and lydelled them.
by Smitty April 1, 2003
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an expression used whn an object forcfully comes into contact with another, or a bad turn of events
also see "douchbabba"
to cars are speeding towards eachother
more homework? thats a douche!
by Smitty June 5, 2003
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Doing your thang. Putting your mack down.
Playboy, I'm just out here doing my thug thizzle
by Smitty February 24, 2003
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means the same as "any how"
Use in conversation when switching topics abruptly
Now what was I talking about.... any who, you want pizza
by Smitty December 21, 2002
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