An erection of such magnitude that it stretches out all the skin in your body, leaving even the skin on your face so drawn and tight that all you can do is utter "help me," which, because of the taut facial skin, sounds like "reltney."
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
Also spelled as "rheltney": a hard-on so intense that you can't breathe or blink your eyes. Paralysis can only be alleviated by sexual contact. In derivative Disney culture, Sleeping Beauty, (man with reltney), is awakened (un-paralyzed) by a beautiful prince (woman) by a kiss to her lips
by w. john May 22, 2004
A hardon so intense that the wrinkles on your forehead disappear and your toes curl up.
Seeing Rebecca Pidgeon in "State and Main" gave me a Reltney.
by Icewaterchrist February 1, 2005
An instantaneous hard-on of such speed & intense rigidity that it snaps your head back on your neck.
Your sister gives me a reltney every time I see her.
by Ron R. May 14, 2003
A boner so hard that a cat can't scratch it.
Britney Spears' photos always give me a reltney!!
by DANNIE WALKER January 28, 2004
An erection that is so massive that you may only experience one in your life since two would cause death.
Did you hear that Mellisa's husband died of a reltney?

Yes, and I heard they had to have an open casket funeral.
by Docsabre May 3, 2007