20 definitions by hawke4me

A dirty hole that is filled with cum. Usually the vag but can also be the bung hole, male or female.
Did you hear that Stephanie is now a cum landfill after the boys ran a train on her.
by hawke4me January 15, 2020
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Smoking crystal meth in a glass pipe. The phrase comes from rolling the pipe when smoking meth and from the pipe being referred to as "the glass dick".
Hey Steph, you look spun. You been twistin' dick ?
by hawke4me April 14, 2019
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The vagina. Usually attached to a dirty skank. Tastes like chicken, smells like tuna, looks like taco.
Tommy's sick. Instead of screwing Maggie last night, he traded a bag of dope for some of Ambers chunaco.
by hawke4me March 26, 2015
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The color blurple is used to describe a male of African descent. It is when their skin is so black that it's blue.
Man, did you check out that nigger Billy Rueben ? That niggers skin color is blurple !
by hawke4me October 10, 2017
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To stick your man member in any orafice, male or female.
Phong: Hey Bill, I heard you played pole in the hole with Stephanie last night.
Bill: Damn right !
by hawke4me April 11, 2015
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Hey, did you check out Stephanie last night ? She was caught French kissing the vertical smile with Amber.
by hawke4me December 10, 2019
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Vagimitis is a disease that affects guys. It is usually brought on by a dude's friends giving him a ration of shit. It usually causes the affected guy to start acting like a pussy ass bitch.
My god, Tommy had a bad case of vagimitis. He acted like he had sand in his vag.
by hawke4me November 11, 2019
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