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Nigger Knots are usually referred to as dreadlocks. They are created by mixing dog shit and dirt with greasy unwashed hair. Commonly found on shitbag white people who have no job and smoke weed all day. Can also be found on dirty, unkempt hoodrat niggers and pro athletes.
Stephanie: Oh Bill, look at Parkers new hair style.
Bill: What ?
Stephanie: He now has dreads.
Bill: Those are just Nigger Knots. Big deal, my dog can grow them overnight.
by hawke4me April 22, 2019
Hey, did you check out Stephanie last night ? She was caught French kissing the vertical smile with Amber.
by hawke4me December 10, 2019
Vagimitis is a disease that affects guys. It is usually brought on by a dude's friends giving him a ration of shit. It usually causes the affected guy to start acting like a pussy ass bitch.
My god, Tommy had a bad case of vagimitis. He acted like he had sand in his vag.
by hawke4me November 11, 2019
A dirty slut who is usually passing one or two STD's to every guy, or gal, who she will gladly and without hesitation, screw for a bag of dope, usually meth or opiates. Most skallywags are well known as the town slut. Most are unwashed and don't care about their reputation.
I see you were with that skallywag Amber last night. Did she need another bag ?
by hawke4me October 12, 2022
A broad so grotesquely overweight, who adds chin hairs or a small mustache to its overall slovenly appearance. They all reek of body odor and some will have a hint of cheeseburger.
Whoa ! Lookee there. It's a Land Manatee. Guard your snacks.
by hawke4me May 25, 2020
It is when you poop out cum after receiving anal sex, bareback, from another guy. The only thing coming out of your bung hole is cum.
Man, did you see the toilet after Doug was done using it ? He must of got laid because it was full of guyarrhea.
by hawke4me November 23, 2016
That Adam is such a queer, but you have to admit that his knee game is on point.
by hawke4me April 21, 2020