20 definitions by hawke4me

Knee pads. Usually worn by some candy ass sissy when sucking cock.
I see Adam has his San Fransisco slippers on.
He must be planning on sucking some cock tonight.
by hawke4me May 22, 2020
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Nigger Knots are usually referred to as dreadlocks. They are created by mixing dog shit and dirt with greasy unwashed hair. Commonly found on shitbag white people who have no job and smoke weed all day. Can also be found on dirty, unkempt hoodrat niggers and pro athletes.
Stephanie: Oh Bill, look at Parkers new hair style.
Bill: What ?
Stephanie: He now has dreads.
Bill: Those are just Nigger Knots. Big deal, my dog can grow them overnight.
by hawke4me April 21, 2019
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To stick your man member in any orafice, male or female.
Phong: Hey Bill, I heard you played pole in the hole with Stephanie last night.
Bill: Damn right !
by hawke4me April 10, 2015
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It is when you poop out cum after receiving anal sex, bareback, from another guy. The only thing coming out of your bung hole is cum.
Man, did you see the toilet after Doug was done using it ? He must of got laid because it was full of guyarrhea.
by hawke4me November 22, 2016
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When you grab a woman in the vagina and butthole at the same time, much like carrying a six pack or simply, 2 in the pink, 1 in the stink.
Dude, get control of your old lady.

Ok, I'll put her in the Brunswick Grip.
by hawke4me April 23, 2019
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To French kiss the vertical smile is the act of licking pussy.
Hey, did you check out Stephanie last night ? She was caught French kissing the vertical smile with Amber.
by hawke4me December 10, 2019
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The vagina. Usually attached to a dirty skank. Tastes like chicken, smells like tuna, looks like taco.
Tommy's sick. Instead of screwing Maggie last night, he traded a bag of dope for some of Ambers chunaco.
by hawke4me March 26, 2015
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