A seldom used synonym of tight. Using it in conversation often confuses the listener for a moment. The word "taut" is widely known but will make you seem different if used in a sentence.
Tony: Hey, look... That girl has that taut badunkadunk butt like you like.
Ira: Damn, I'd like to pull up to that bumper and slap that monkey!
by def May 20, 2005
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A word used by people who want to feel smart, or to brag about how they go to college. These people are typicaly name Keith or Trace.
Zack- The pool valley ball net seems a little loose can someone please make it tight.
Keith- The word tight seems a little intilectually immature, down in gainsville we use the word taut.
by Zack M October 24, 2006
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A word that means tight but but can be used instead of "hot" to descibe pretty much anything you think is cool.
Lyke OMGs britney tht iz lyke the tautest haircut 4 yew!

kid: dude look, this new board is so taut
guys: whoaaa that's tauuut

holy shit, i didn't realize your mom's ass was that taut. i'm coming over tonight.
by miranda gruber March 26, 2007
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To be upset or sad, or angry.
Teacher: Tom stop it!
Tom: Sorryyyyy
You: Taut
by Izzy___123 October 19, 2011
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1. A rule or law defining a persons' use of redundant phrasing or wording;

2. (of) forming a contradictory concept that occurs preconsciously before syntax
Doug: ...my life just sucks now--without Marge in my life, I am lost
May: Well you know what Doug, it is what it is
Doug: Wow, I'm lucky you're here to remind me that there's always the 'Taut Law'
May: ...
Doug: Bitch!
May: What the F#/K is the 'Taut Law' , Asshole?
by edraculate November 23, 2016
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The section of a woman's shirt in between the breasts that is stretched horizontally by her breasts and/or cleavage. Visually, the stretched shirt material is seen to have ripples that signify the mechanical pressure that the (usually large) breasts exert on their restraints.
Did you see Madison yesterday? Her shirt had significant cleaval tautness due to her massive rack.
by Fetus Keepus March 16, 2022
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