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A quasi-medical term derived from the Greek root words, lignos meaning "wood" and genesis meaning "to give rise to". The term refers to someone, usually a nubile woman, who causes you to get an erection.
Sarah Palin is pretty hot but her daughter Bristol is more lignogenic.
by Docsabre April 22, 2009
The act of playing with your weiner when you think no one on the Zoom conference can see you.
Did you hear about that CNN legal analyst who was caught Toobin on his video conference call? No way! Who was it? Jeffrey Toobin! How co-incidental is that?!
by Docsabre October 19, 2020
When you are content with your gender as assigned by your chromosomes and you only think about your gender if asked. Otherwise you spend the majority of your time not really concerned about your gender.
My girlfriend isn’t confused about her gender. In fact, she’s quite well adapted emotionally. I’m starting to worry that she’s apathetogender.
by Docsabre March 7, 2021
A cross between a buffalo and a gorilla meant to describe a human being who is ginormous.
Why are the springs shot on this side of your car, dude?

Because my girlfriend is a freeking bufforilla!
by Docsabre May 3, 2007
The process whereby a group of people impress each other by discussing things about which none of them have any idea. The result is to confuse knowledge with excrement and come away feeling full in one’s mind and empty in one’s bowels.
Did you see that news documentary last night? It was an amazing piece of transfeculation between the host and a panel of biased guests.
by Docsabre August 12, 2020
Anglo-Italian slang combo of giant with Italian suffix-"eezmo" imparting the superlative meaning for large, enourmous, gigandous, ginormous, freaking big, etc.
Did you see the nose on that guy?

Yeah, it was giageezmo!
by Docsabre May 3, 2007
From the Greek, combining lignos, the word for "wood" with "genesis" meaning to give birth to. This pharse describes the ability a particular woman has to inspire an erection. Not to be confused with a perfect erection, the so-called "lignogenesis perfecta".
Man, this disco blows. Not one of these bufforillas has any lignogenic potential.
by Docsabre May 3, 2007