Ok, this is an intransitive verb.
It means to curve body and draw up legs: to sit or lie with the body curved and the legs tucked up.

It also means, to feel extremely embarrassed: to be overcome with embarrassment, revulsion, or some other strong feeling (informal).

I took this definition from Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2009.
1st meaning.- curl up in bed with a good novel.
2nd meaning.- When I realized my mistake I just wanted to curl up and disappear.
Another example, "to curl up with a good book"
by Froc March 10, 2010
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A saying that originated in the Drag Queen community signifying "great look" or "have a great day."
After I bought my new outfit, I felt so good. Others noticed my expression and remarked, "Curls up!"
by Dr Piggapuss February 11, 2023
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When one is laying flat on their back with knees bend upwards while moving their head up to reach the asshole of the person standing right in front of them with ass towards them, thrusting his/her tongue DEEP INSIDE the anus each time he/she moves his/her head to the top. Under Cleveland municipal law, any sex act that is performed within Cleveland city limits must involve shitting, so the person who is receiving a rimjob via a Cleveland Curl Up is legally obligated to shit onto the tongue of the giver of the Cleveland Curl Up; essentially the “cherry on top.”
I decided to try something new with my Girlfriend so I asked if we could take turns doing Cleveland Curl Up…

…and she left me :(
by InternetSlangPhD January 9, 2023
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to shit oneself pooless in a curly fashion
I'm off to lay some Stereophonics Drummer type shit.
by Judster October 15, 2004
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