If you just said help me, it means you are suffering on the inside
Guy 1: Help me
Guy 2: ?
Guy 1: for f*** sake Jerry I want to die
by HolaEbola October 16, 2019
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You say "Help me" Usually when you are listening to Kidz Bop for 38 hourse and/or listening to the Kidz Bop Kidz singing and dancing to Toosie slide.
Help me I am dying. No actually someone remove 'toosie slide' from the Kidz Bop 2021.
by THE KIDZ BOP KIDZ SUCK February 10, 2021
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The people at urban dictionary have kidnapped me, and are forcing me to write 10 definitions every minute. I think there are at least 3 other people here. They only feed me bread with a cup of water for breakfast lunch and dinner. I haven't bathed since they kidnapped me. I am surrounded by metal walls. PLEASE HELP ME
HELP ME, I have been kidnapped by Urban Dictionary, but don't worry this is a joke.
by TennisPlayer69 June 2, 2021
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The word that you say when you're in 5th grade and you read the Urban Dictionary Page about 6th grade.
Urban Dictionary page- All your friends really don't like you, and you either turn into an emo or a slut.
5th grader- hfs HELP ME.
by Wgdflgjhdsfgkljhdslkf February 26, 2008
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I'm so overwhelmed and exhausted and tired but I don't want to give up because I cannot bear to become a failure, I don't want to be a failure but I'm so unbearably tired. I hate everything and everyone and how I feel and I can't do this, I'm so goddamn tired.
"nobody blatantly says help me because it's apparently an unspoken taboo to ask for help and nobody really believes you until it's too late haha"
by ChaoticallyCriticalCretin January 27, 2021
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