That guy in the gym that likes to wear size extra-small shirts to give the illusion of being bigger than he actually is. The extra small shirt always appears to restrict his breathing, hence: can't beathe.
that nigga can't breathe.
by flexbrah July 20, 2011
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Normally used on tumblr. An expression used when something's so funny the person is laughing so hard they can't breathe. Or maybe they can and they're just exaggerating and are only laughing a little.
*a gif of a penguin failing to catch fish and falling into the water*
by libertylu January 6, 2014
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"I can't breath" is what Biden will try to say when Kamala Harris sits on his face and eventually makes him pass out with her farts.
(Sleepy) Joe Biden: *Snoring*

Kamala Harris: *Comes in bedroom and sits in his face*

Joe Biden: I can't breath!

Kamala Harris: *fart*

Joe Biden: *gets a boner before he passes out*
by Skyrim550 April 14, 2022
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my pH is low, bro
psych patient in restraints yells, "I can't breath, mother fucker!"
he means he cannot compensate for his metabolic acidosis because he can't ventilate from all the people restraining him
by toxdoc March 21, 2022
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Often used by guilty people when apprehended by police. These people often scream "I can't breathe" but in reality it means "I'm Guilty"
Child killer Keith Moses continuously screamed "I can't breathe" as he was apprehended by police after murdering 3 people including a 9 year old girl.
by ShoeGod420 March 1, 2023
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the word that black people now yell when a police officer touches them and can breathe just fine

I am not racist I have seen a lot of instance of people yelling this when they can breathe just fine
the black woman was yelling I can't breath when the police officer was putting handcuffs on her.
by don't question me October 28, 2020
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True of COVID-19 sufferers and of George Floyd. The key phrase at this moment in American history.
"I can't breathe, said Floyd as he was being suffocated. "I can't breathe" thought more than 100,000 victims as they were dying of Covid. "I can't breathe" chanted countless Americans in the streets, protesting enduring police brutality.
by Monkey's Dad June 1, 2020
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