1. Another word for grandparents -- the parents of one of your parents
"I'm going to visit my wrinkles and get some freshly-baked pie!"
by leggyshay March 5, 2020
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used to describe someone with an extremely hot body and cute face despite his slight old age.
omg, your grampa jones is soooo wrinkles ;)

ew.. thats just awks and kinda gross too.
by skatingjenny January 13, 2011
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puppy that stinks and drools more than any other doggy
wrinkles the dog
by ted hallow August 7, 2003
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Something other people have. You have character lines.
Child "Mommy look at your wrinkles!"
by tennyz December 27, 2005
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A person that can be very annoying at times..... including excessive crying and whining..... this person has many friends of the same kind....and are not fun when they all come together

Can be removed with an iron preheated to 400 degrees F.
Man... is it just me or there are too many wrinkles in this room.

Saucy is such a wrinkle

Dude i was having a blast at this party till a buch of wrinkles showed up, then i left.

AHH i need an iron... i just got wrinkled

Wrinkle: I have a headache, I have cold (52 times/ min)

Person 1 : How was your day?
Aspiring wrinkle: man it sucked.... first i had this test that i failed.... and i had a headace the whole time.... and i wanted to cry the whole time... then i went and called my mom and she comforted me and then i went to the doctor then back to momee who forced me to tak these pills then i almost passed out then i woke up and had a cold all night and i couldnt sleep and then.....
Person 1: Quit being a Wrinkle!!!
by John September 29, 2004
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A group of senior citizens, similar to a pod of dolphins or a murmeration of starlings.
As the wrinkle swarmed the buffet, John ducked out of sight into the century-old curtains.

Upon seeing a wrinkle of senior citizens forming within the lobby, John preemptively leapt from the balcony into the welcoming rosebush below.
by Nostrastaff November 23, 2016
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